Do You Make Excuses?

If we counted how many times a day we blamed someone else for our actions, we’d be shocked. We’re all guilty of blaming others, making excuses and not taking responsibility for our actions.

It’s just so easy! But, it brings so much destruction.

Luckily, there’s someone who willingly took the blame and gave us a better way to live going forward, Jesus.

Jesus humbled Himself by giving up all His Heavenly glory to come down as a human and take the blame for all of our sins by dying on the cross.

He came to set us free, to love us and to give us vision!

Having vision for your job is great, but we want you to have a vision for your life too! You deserve the freedom that comes with taking responsibility.

But, old habits die hard. So many people believe the lie that when you become a Christian suddenly, life is just magically easier. However, we’d argue it’s actually harder. Carrying a cross and dying to yourself is never easy, but we know that through Christ all things are possible!

When Jesus first began His ministry He went into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and the devil himself came to tempt him, enticing him with food and power.

It sounds absolutely terrifying, but Jesus resisted the temptation using scripture and setting an example for us.

Jesus wants to help us with absolutely everything, if only we would ask Him!

We can overcome any obstacle.

We can take responsibility.

And we don’t have to do it alone.

All changing an old habit takes is replacing it with a new one.

We are not expected or even asked to do it perfectly, but we must let go of our pride and ask for help.

When we’re tempted to make an excuse and take something that looks better than what God has, all we have to do is trust God and turn to scripture fighting the enemy and His tricks.

And we keep moving forward to the vision God has called us to.

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