Comparison Can Kill Your Vision

Who are you comparing yourself to?

Are you comparing yourself to the girl that has better clothes?

The guy who has bigger muscles?

The family next door with the trendy living room space?

The mom that looks like she has it all together?


It’s easy to look around and think that we’re behind and that if we don’t make it in time, then you never will.

That’s just not true.

If you were created by God, which you were, then you were created with vision and He gives you hope and a future! Not until you get to a certain age, or once you have status, once you get married, He gives us hope and future from the day we are born until the day we die!

We spend so much of our time comparing our life to those of us around us, not trusting Jesus. What would it look like if we trusted Jesus with our purpose now? What if we trusted Him with our vision, the vision He gave us! If He gave it to us, surely He knows how to get us to the destination!

While we sit around wishing for something different, He’s trying to prepare us for what He’s called us to.

Rather than sitting around comparing ourselves to others, we should compare ourselves to Jesus! God gave Jesus a vision to save us and everything God gave to Jesus, Jesus gave it all back. Jesus used every moment of His life to glorify God.

Even the painful parts, the hidden parts, the sad and the fun. It was all for God.

That’s how we should live, our vision is not about us. It’s about letting God be God and not allowing Status, or money, or fame be God.

What we need to learn is that those things will always and forever let us down, but Jesus will always be our friend. He’ll always be on our side and he actually wants to enjoy our life!

Status won’t bring you joy, money won’t bring you security, Fame won’t make you feel known. Only God can fill that hole.

He chose you, for your unique vision, the same way he chose

The girl with nice clothes,

The guy who works out,

Your next door neighbors,

That mom down the street.

They’re being prepared for different things. You aren’t behind, in fact, this was never a race. You’re in a different lane! So, lay down the things that will pass away don’t let comparison kill the unique vision He has placed on your life. Let Him be enough and watch Him take care of your life. He’s on your team, cheering you on!

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